2021 Southwest Missouri Spring Forage
Virtual Conference

February 23

8:00-8:50 am Introductory Address – Session 1
Uncertainty and Opportunity in Beef Cattle Markets
Dr. Derrell Peel, Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist,
Oklahoma State University

8:55-9:40 am Session 2
Missouri Climate Trends
Dr. Patrick Guinan, Missouri State Climatologist, Extension/State Climatologist,
University of Missouri Extension

9:45-10:30 am Session 3
Panel Discussion: Year-Round Pasture Management
Steve Freeman, Beef Producer, Hartville, Missouri
Mike Meier, Dairy/Beef Producer, Monett, Missouri

10:35-11:20 am Session 4
Matching Cow Size to Forage Resource
Dr. David Lalman, Extension Beef Cattle Specialist,
Oklahoma State University

11:25-12:10 pm Session 5
Pasture Management for Small Ruminants
Dr. Homero Salinas-Gonzalez, Small Ruminant State Extension and Research Specialist,
Lincoln University, Jefferson City, Missouri

12:35-1:20 pm Keynote Speaker
Red Meat and Our Health: Separating Scientific Fact from Politics, Emotion, and Misinformation
Dr. Peter J. Ballestedt, Forage Ambassador, Barenbrug USA
Lincoln University, Jefferson City, Missouri

1:25-2:10 pm Session 6
The Clover Dilemma: Do I have enough to meet yield goals without fertilizer nitrogen?
Dr. Jimmy Henning, Extension Professor and Forage Specialist,
Plant & Soil Science Department – University of Kentucky

February 24

8:00-8:45 am Session 1
Strip Grazing Milo – Alternative Winter Feeding Strategy
Rusty Lee, Field Specialist in Agronomy,
University of Missouri Extension

8:50-9:35 am Session 2
Bale Grazing: Increasing Pasture Fertility While Lowering Costs
Dr. Greg Halich, Agricultural Economist,
University of Kentucky

9:40-10:25 am Session 3
Managing Your Grazing System in Winter Months (Rotation, Supplement, Mud, Protection)
Mark Green, Lead Resource Conservationist,
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

10:30-11:15 am Session 4
Managing Annual Forages for Livestock Production
Dr. Paul Beck, State Beef Extension Specialist,
Oklahoma State University

11:20-12:05 pm Session 5
Forage & Humanity’s Future
Dr. Peter J. Ballestedt, Forage Ambassador, Barenbrug USA

12:30-1:15 pm Session 6
Warm Season Grasses: Testing vs. Performance
Michael Hickinbotham, Owner/Operator,
Custom Labs, Monett, Missouri

1:20-2:05 pm Session 7
Developing Forage Pest Issues
Tim Schnakenberg, Field Specialist in Agronomy,
University of Missouri Extension

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