2022 Speakers

Keynote: Corbitt Wall



& Where we are headed






A Systems Approach to Limiting Feed Costs
Dr. Jimmy Henning, University of KY


Will Changes in Capital Gains Impact my Estate Plan?
Wesley Tucker, University of MO


Summer Stockpiling Tall Fescue
Dr. Chris Teutsch, University of KY


Johnsongrass: The Good, Bad and the Ugly
Tim Schnakenberg, University of MO


Multi Species Grazing & Economic Overview
Jennifer Lutes, University of Missouri


MO Stockers as an Alternative to Cow Calf Production
Dr. Eric Bailey, University of Missouri

Warm-season Forages for Mitigating Drought
Dr. Harley Naumann, University of MO


The Futre of Regenerative Agriculture
Hugh Aljoe, Nobel Foundation

Management Effects on Soil Health
Matt Fryer, University of Arkansas

Small Ruminant – Flock Health Management
Dr. Chris Baughman, Lincoln University

How to Best Manage Fertility During High Prices
Dr. Sarah Kenyon, University of Missouri

Marketing Local Beef
Dr. Bryon Weigend, University of Missouri

A new look at an old crop: Sudangrass not your grandfather’s forage
Mark Kirk, Advanta