KEYNOTE: John Locke – Connecting the dots. Putting it all together in the pursuit of profit.

PRODUCER PANEL: Managing the Spring Flush and Forage Platform
Robert Salmon, Salmon Ranch & Steve Freeman, Woods Fork Cattle Company

BREAKOUT SESSIONS (in alphabetical order):

Living with Tall Fescue
Dr. Ken Coffey, Professor, University of Arkansas





Low Stress Livestock Handling Facilities
Shawn Deering, Field Specialist in Livestock, MU Extension





Annual Cost of Keeping a Cow and Raising a Calf
Dr. Joe Horner, Agricultural Economist, University of Missouri





Cow Size: Where do we go from here?
Dr. David Lalman, Professor and Harrington Chair, Oklahoma State University



Adding Value to Sheep & Goats; Marketing Directly to Consumers
Jennifer Lutes, Ag Business Specialist, MU Extension




Producing Sheep Adapted to Your Environment
Jeremia Markaway, Owner & Operator of Markaway Ranch






Importance of Phosphorus and Potassium for Pasture Systems
Dr. Will McClain, Associate Professor, Missouri State



What Do Cattle Buyers Really Want?
Skyler Moore, Owner of Joplin Regional Stockyards



What does hay really cost?
Dr. Darrell Peel, Charles Breedlove Professor of Agribusiness Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist, Oklahoma State University



Could custom grazing stockers be an option for me as a compliment to my cow calf operation?
Jason Salchow, DVM – Grazier, Veterinarian & Teacher



Tapping into Your Clover’s Potential
Tim Schnakenberg, Agronomy Specialist, MU Extension




Ideal Calving Season for Southern Missouri
Dr. Jordan Thomas, Assistant Professor, University of Missouri