2018 Speakers

Heart of America Grazing Conference
February 26

“Understanding Forage Quality – RFQ Defined” — Dr. Garry Lacefield—University of Kentucky Professor Emeritus. Gary has authored/coauthored over 300 publications, papers, articles, and books and is highly decorated in his public service for forage/livestock research and extension. Dr. Lacefield has been a leader in developing livestock forage programs across the globe.

“Diversity Grazing for Perennial Grasslands” —Doug Peterson—NRCS Regional Soil Health Specialist for Missouri and Iowa. With 29 years experience in conservation, Doug has become a leading spokesman for soil health management throughout the Midwest, promoting management practices that will effectively improve soil health and function.

Greg Christiansen
Dr. Alan Franzluebbers
Amy Hamilton

Dr. Alex Miller

SWMO Spring Forage Conference
Tuesday, February 27

“Mineral Supplementation on Pasture” — Dr. Eric Bailey —Dr. Bailey is the State Extension Beef Nutrition Specialist at the University of Missouri. He joined the University of Missouri in June 2017 after a stint as the Endowed Chair of Cow Calf Nutrition and Management at West Texas A&M University.  He was born and raised on a commercial cow-calf and stocker operation outside of Santa Rosa, Mexico.  He has degrees from West Texas A&M University and Kansas State University.  Research interests include ranch-of-origin preconditioning programs and nutrient supplementation for cattle grazing low-quality forages.  Extension programming interests include strategies to reduce reliance on purchased and raised feedstuffs, as feed costs often are the largest component of an annual operating budget for cow-calf production.

Panel – “Non-chemical Weed Management” — Dr. Mike Burton, Terry Halleran and Dr. Will McClain – Dr. Mike Burton will present the combined perspectives of this three-person panel. Dr. Burton came to Missouri State University in 2008 after serving for seven years as Assistant and Associate Professor and weed ecologist in the Crop Science Department at NC State University. Terry Halleran is Agronomy Specialist with MU Extension, and brings 35 years of experience as an educator and professor in plant and soil science. Drs. McClain (introduced above), Burton and Halleran bring their combined perspective and experience to explain how various non-chemical tools (including fire, mowing, fertilization and grazing) can be used to manage troublesome weeds.

Grazing Alfalfa” — Twain Butler — Twain Butler is a Professor and Research Agronomist at the Noble Research Institute. Dr. Butler received B.S. degree from Texas Tech University, M.S. degrees from Oklahoma State University, and Ph.D. degree from Texas A&M University. Dr. Butler’s program focuses mainly on forage establishment, management, and production that leads to improved cultivars and practices for producers in the southern Great Plains. His research evaluates forage establishment, grazing management, and production economics of alfalfa, tall fescue, small grains and bermudagrass systems. Butler has authored or co-authored 66 refereed journal articles, 72 abstracts, 16 reviewed proceeding papers, 8 extension publications, 1 grower guide, 3 book chapters, and one patent application. He has served as an associate editor for Agronomy Journal and Crop Science, and has been active in the ASA and CSSA societies.  Butler has numerous invitations to present research at national and international conferences.

“The 3 Secrets for Increasing Profit” — Dave Pratt
Hard Work & Harmony” — Dave Pratt —
World renown as a sustainable agricultural speaker, Dave also teaches the Ranching for Profit school to students worldwide. Gaining educational and grazing experience in California and Washington Dave has been instrumental in developing the Sustainable Ranching Research & Education Project, a large scale and long term effort for sustainable ranching practices. Mr. Pratt is also the co-founder of the California Grazing Academy.

“Understanding Forage Quality – RFQ Defined” — Gary Lacefield — University of Kentucky Professor Emeritus. Gary has authored/coauthored over 300 publications, papers, articles, and books and is highly decorated in his public service for forage/livestock research and extension. Dr. Lacefield has been a leader in developing livestock forage programs across the globe.

“Adapting to the Plant Growth Curve” — Dr. Will McClain — is Assistant Professor at Missouri State University. With more than a dozen years of experience as an Extension Specialist with the University of Missouri, he is widely respected for his knowledge in soil fertility and forage physiology. His practical experience and ability to think creatively in solving problems for producers and conservationists place him in high demand. A native of SW Missouri, his research and teaching interests include forage crop response to nutrients, management and environmental stress.

“Increasing Value of Your Calf Crop” — Dr. Gant Mourer — Joined the beef extension group at Oklahoma State University the fall of 2012. A native of Carrier, Ok, Gant graduated with a BS degree in 2005 and completed his MS in 2012. While completing his MS degree Gant was a herdsman for the Range Cow Research Center, North Range Unit at OSU. Currently, Gant is the Beef Value Enhancement Specialist and specializes in adding value to Oklahoma’s cow herd. He is also the coordinator of the Oklahoma Quality Beef Network and OQBN Vac-45 Sales.

“Bermuda – Benefits in a Grazing System” — Dr. James Rogers — Rogers serves as an associate professor and principle investigator in the Research Cornerstone at the Noble Research Institute in Ardmore, OK. He also provides consulting services to producers in pasture and range. His research interests include cover crops, winter pasture production and management, tall fescue management, grazing season extension, and grazing management. As a consultant, his practical experience along with his research aids regional agricultural producers in forage selection, establishment, production and management as well as estimation of stocking rates and grazing management.

“Multi-Species Grazing” Greg Christianson — 
“Conditioning Cows for Pregnancy” — Jason Salchow —


Emcee: —  Joann Pipkin —  is owner of Show Me Agri-Comm, a freelance agricultural public relations business offering writing, photography, graphic design and marketing services. In that capacity, Joann works with Joplin Regional Stockyards, serving as editor of its monthly customer news magazine, Cattlemen’s News. Joann also manages the Missouri FFA Today magazine, as well as Missouri FFA’s eNewsletter and website. In addition, Joann writes for a number of agricultural publications including Farm Journal Media, FCS Financial’s Heartbeat, and the Angus Journal. She is a member of the Agricultural Editors Association and the Livestock Publications Council. Raised on a family dairy farm, today Joann and her husband, Jim, live near Republic, where they operate Clearwater Angus Farm with his family. A fifth-generation seedstock operation, Clearwater Farm has been in business since 1933. Joann and Jim are parents to daughter Jera, a junior at Oklahoma State University, and son Jace, a third grader.